Vision, Values and Practices


‘Take each voice and share it with the world’.

Core Values: (Behaviors & Mindsets)

  • Open-minded to all ‘Voices’, its ok to disagree
    • I understand there is many different views and perspectives on various subjects and it’s ok to be different and stand up for his feelings and beliefs.
    • Opposing views is not a bad thing, and he understands his views are not always going to be correct or same as others.
    • Understand that every life is different, so is everyone’s experiences, as a result, their perspectives will be different.
    • Understands someone else’s view can change your or can also solidify your own beliefs.
    • Reject the easy route of ignoring others perspectives and rather choose to understand their perspectives.
    • All people are different, especially how they interpret things or how they see them.
    • Life has many variables – no universal answer for anything.
      1. Embrace the diversity.
    • 7 billion people in the world, each one has own opinion.
  • Judgement should not based on a few things, but rather be based on its entirety
    • One thing does not tell the picture of a person.
    • Having a certain view or opinion, does not make up who you are. It’s the collection of views or opinion is what you are made of.
    • Many have found out that it’s not always easy to see things from another person’s point of view. Another person’s ideas and values might conflict with your and make you questions, or even change, what you believe
  • Be Strong and Share your Voice – Tell the world what you are all about.
    • Determine your own beliefs and be willing to stand up and share those beliefs.
    • Stand up for what I believe in.
    • OK with being the topic minority.
    • Good people want to be true to their values and principles.
  • Be Authentic and Return to the concept “be who you are”.
    • Not afraid to be yourself.
    • Reject the idea of not expressing your voice due to worrying about offending others.
    • Remove the self-censorship on logical issues and commonsense.
    • Remove politically correct requirements.
    • If your ashamed to tell anyone or do something in particular, then make a change.
  • Stay Mindful of the Culture of the Movement.
    • Become Transparent to all people on all angles – Nothing to Hide.
    • Be proud and confident of who you are.
    • Be Accountable for you own words and actions.
    • Provide complete ownership by being responsible for my thoughts, feelings, words, and actions..
    • Own the choices you make.
    • Stay True to your Commitments.
  • Think beyond the certain ways society wants us to think or act.
    • Society Norms – doesn’t have to be this way.


  • Provide the opportunity for all people to ‘make a small difference’ and make an impact on ‘changing the world’.
    • Provide a platform to share their standpoint and speak their mind.
    • Give an outlet to allow people to be heard and have a voice.
  • Incorporate the MyVoice profiles into our daily lives to quickly see inside the views and perceptions of others.
  • Daily view other MyVoice profiles to understand them more.
  • Look beyond our own view of the world (our own thoughts &s; feelings) and find more about others.
  • Provide a platform to be honest with others.
  • Change the Hearts and Minds of people by living by the Culture and Values of the MyVoice Movement.
  • Empowers people to be themselves and proud of what they are and who they are.
  • Encourages passion to speak up and be proud.
  • Offer Fulfillment.
  • Supply Significance.
What is MyVoice Movement Website ?

A new online social community that provides a platform to take each voice and share it with the world.

A stage that gives you the opportunity to influence others by providing support to your thoughts and perspectives.

A social stage that empowers each individual or organization to stand up and create their ‘MyVoice’, then share it with others.

A website that provides an intelligent and fun look at how groups and individuals think and feel about world issues and topics.

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Think differently, think harder, think more freely. Wear your heart on your sleeve.

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